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December 17, 2017



Asus Zenfone Max Battery Backup Review

ASUS Zenfone Max

I bought an Asus Zenfone Max (3 GB RAM, 32 GB Storage version, 5.5 inch touch screen, Android 6 Marshmallow) mobile phone a couple of months ago. As the company claimed the standby time of the mobile with its large 5000 mAh battery is about 38 days I expected it would give at least 15 days standby time in real life use. The another reason for that assumption was because my old mobile (A SamSung Galaxy Star Pro with 4 inch touch screen) which had a 1500 mAh battery used to give me about 5 to 6 days of standby time. Since I don’t get many calls it is almost like the mobile is on standby time (most people worry about their Cell Phone’s talk-time but I am the kind of guy who worries more about the standby time).

I got the first piece a couple of months ago from FlipKart and I fully charged it for the first time (even charged 30 minutes extra time after the 100% full indication) and updated all the apps that came with the phone to their new versions and put it on standby. But to my disappointment it only lasted for 6 days (without any calls and as little as 15 minutes screen on time and without any apps running in the background), so I thought there was something wrong with the battery of the mobile phone and asked for a replacement.

I even did the Hard-reset and/ or Factory Reset before I sent it back to FlipKart but even after that it only gave me about 6 days of standby time. A few days later I got the second piece and put it on the standby time test again, but again to my disappointment it only gave 7 to 8 days standby time. So the fact is that even with a big 5000 mAh or so batteries your mobiles (say 5.5 inch screen) will only give about 7 to 8 days of standby time. These days I am getting like 8 days of standby time with only a few calls in the period and with my wifi on for like 5 to 10 minutes a day for updating the apps and check WhatsApp messages.

I am the type of guy who hates to charge his mobile phone frequently. Although I would have liked it more had it been giving like 15 days of standby time instead of the 7 to 8 days standby time it is giving, I will have to make do with this mobile because I didn’t want to ask for another replacement or my money back after realizing in real life conditions even the big battery capacity mobiles like the Asus Zenfone Max will only give like 7 – 8 days of standby time. Finally, the mobile is OK for normal use, no heating issues (I don’t play games on my mobile though), the rear camera, which is a 13 MP, is good and even the front camera, which is 5 MP, is also Ok. The mobile is taking like 4 and a half hours to completely charge (100%, from like 5% charge). I recently inserted a Reliance Jio 4G sim in the first sim slot which supports 4G (LTE) and it is working fine. I am not getting much speed but where I live I get poor signal strength, so it’s OK for me. The 4G and 3G connectivities of the phone are working fine.

What are the Best Laptop Brands of 2016?

Best Laptop Brands

There are a good number of Laptop brands out there which make several types of Laptops in different classes (like home use, office use, business use, gaming laptops etc) of Laptops but out of all these which laptop brands are the best? If you search on the web or any shopping websites, you would see a lot of laptop models made by different brands featuring different processors (like AMD, Intel Atom, Celeron, Pentium, Core2Duo I3, I5, I7 and others) equipped with different graphic cards, hard drives, SSD’s etc. You would see laptops made by brands like Apple, Dell, Asus, Acer, HP, Toshiba, Sony, SamSung, HCL, AlienWare, MSI, Lenovo, MicroMax, MicroSoft, Google Chrome Books etc but out of these brands which are the best brands? After some research we have come to the conclusion that the best laptop brands for the year 2016 are:

  1. Apple
  2. Dell
  3. Asus
  4. Lenovo
  5. MSI
  6. HP
  7. Microsoft
  8. Acer
  9. Samsung
  10. Toshiba
  11. Sony

The rankings are given after valuating the reviews, design, tech support, warranty, Software, Innovation, build quality, available models etc. The rankings may change every year depending on the factors given above so check back next year for the best laptop brands for that year.